Glycol Brewery Chillers

Whaley Products Inc. (WPI) is a leading supplier of chillers to the brewery and wine industry. Known for our innovative, efficient designs and high quality manufacturing, we offer a full line of chillers, including air-cooled chillers, water-cooled chillers, and cooling towers. We understand that the precise control of temperature throughout the fermentation and brewing process is critical to achieving the desired taste and quality of your wine and beer. Our chillers are used for large wineries and brewery operations, as well as small craft and microbrewery operations.

Our precision-engineered chillers are designed to provide the exact temperature control you require throughout the brewing and wine-making process. Whaley’s designs are built to operate reliably in high volume operations and withstand the demands of continuous production.

  • Maintain consistent temperatures during fermentation and brewing in varying temperature environments in your facility
  • Handle changing loads and flow rates while maintaining the desired temperatures
  • Integrate with your production equipment to provide seamless processing

WPI’s standard designs can be customized to meet specific requirements and we have the capabilities to design a custom chiller or cooling tower for unique applications. We offer:

  • Air-Cooled Glycol Chillers. Our line includes packaged, modular, and spilt glycol chillers with capacities from 1.5 up to 100 tons. Our SA-Series Packaged Chillers are equipped with integral pumps and tanks. Our SAE and SAR Series Chillers offer unlimited stage-ability and are equipped with an external pump tank system that can be sized for future brewery/winery expansion

  • Water-Cooled Glycol Chillers. We offer packaged and modular glycol water-cooled chillers, with capacities from 1.0 to 80 tons. Our SW-Series Packaged Chillers are used when condenser water loop (city water or open loop cooling tower) is available. Our SWE-Series Modular Chillers offers unlimited stage-ability.

  • Open Circuit Loop Cooling Towers. WP Series open loop cooling towers can be used if your cooling requirements range from 85°F and up. Our towers are made of industrial grade fiberglass polyester that offers low maintenance, long life and maximum cooling performance. In operation, water entering the tower is uniformly sprayed over the internal surface area of the tower, and the fan induces airflow in the opposite direction of the water. The combination of airflow and the large surface area of the tower evaporates a small percentage of water, which provides the heat removal and cooling

WPI offers quick turnaround, usually 2-4 weeks, on delivery of our standard chiller models and standard models manufactured with custom options.

Whaley Products Inc. is proud of our reputation for manufacturing the highest quality brewery and winery chillers and providing superior customer service to each client. Call today to see how we can solve your brewing challenge.

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