Closed Loop Cooling Tower System

Separate Skid Cooling Towers
Capacity Range: 10 to 500 Ton
Classification: Closed-Loop

CLS-Series Specifications

ModelTower Tons / KWBTU/hrTower Dimensions
L x W x H
Flow: GPMHX TypePUMP HPInlet
Tower Basin Volume
CLS650-1010 Ton/44KW150,00024"L x 24"W x 78"H30 GPMPlate1.0 HP2" NPT Bottom25 gal
CLS650-1515 Ton/66KW225,00024"L x 24"W x 78"H45 GPMPlate1.5 HP 2" NPT Bottom25 gal
CLS850-2020 Ton/88KW300,00032"L x 32"W x 84"H60 GPMPlate2.0 HP2" NPT Bottom44 gal
CLS850-2525 Ton/110KW375,00032"L x 32"W x 84"H75 GPMPlate2.0 HP2" NPT Bottom44 gal
CLS1250-3030 Ton/132KW450,00048"L x 48"W x 102"H90 GPMPlate3.0 HP2" NPT Bottom100 gal
CLS1250-4040 Ton/176KW600,00048"L x 48"W x 102"H120 GPMPlate3.0 HP3" NPT Bottom100 gal
CLS1550-5050 Ton/220KW750,00060"L x 60"W x 113"H150 GPMPlate & Frame5.0 HP3" NPT Bottom150 gal
CLS1550-7575 Ton/330KW1,125,00060"L x 60"W x 113"H225 GPMPlate & Frame7.5 HP4" flange side150 gal
CLS1850-100100 Ton/440KW1,500,00072"L x 72"W x 122"H300 GPMPlate & Frame10 HP4" flange side224 gal
CLS1850-125125 Ton/550KW1,875,00072"L x 72"W x 122"H375 GPMPlate & Frame10 HP4" flange side224 gal
CLS2-1550-150150 Ton/660KW2,250,0002each 60"L x 60"W x 113"H450 GPMPlate & Frame15 HP4" flange side2each 150 gal
CLS2-1850-200200 Ton/880KW3,000,0002each 72"L x 72"W x 122"H600 GPMPlate & Frame20 HP6" flange side2each 224 gal
CLS2-1850-250250 Ton/1100KW3,750,0002each 72"L x 72"W x 122"H750 GPMPlate & Frame20 HP6" flange side2each 224 gal
CLS3-1850-300300 Ton/1320KW4,500,0003each 72"L x 72"W x 122"H900 GPMPlate & Frame20 HP8" flange side3each 224 gal
CLS3-1850-375375 Ton/1650KW5,625,0003each 72"L x 72"W x 122"H1125 GPMPlate & Frame25 HP8" flange side3each 224 gal
CLS4-1850-400400 Ton/1760KW6,000,0004each 72"L x 72"W x 122"H1200 GPMPlate & Frame25 HP8" flange side4each 224 gal
CLS4-1850-500500 Ton/2200KW7,500,0004each 72"L x 72"W x 122"H1500 GPMPlate & Frame30 HP10" flange side4each 224 gal

*Standard Site Conditions:  95°F/35°C Leaving Water Temperature,  95°F/35°C Dry Bulb (Ambient) Temperature,  78°F/25.6°C Wet Bulb Temperature*
*Heat transfer skid dimensions will vary by application*
*Voltages available: 208-240V/1ph, 208-240V/3ph, 440-480V/3ph, 380-415V/3ph, 575-600V/3ph*

 Whaley's CLS-Series cooling tower systems offer a simplified installation and maintenance approach for a variety of applications.  When CLS-Series is utilized, both the cooling tower/s and heat transfer skid are installed outdoors.  The heat transfer skid is installed outdoors because there is not room inside the building for a reservoir and heat transfer skid.  If there is room for an indoor reservoir and/or heat transfer skid, then Whaley's CLIO-Series would be the best configuration.  With a CLS-Series configuration, the cooling towers are typically installed on ground level, and the pump on the heat transfer skid pulls out of the cooling towers in parallel.  In cold weather climates, a basin heater package is necessary to guard against freezing inside the cooling tower.  Basin heaters are selected based on the installation locations worst possible climate conditions.

 In terms of maintenance, WPI's closed loop cooling tower components are easily accessible, easily taken apart, easily serviced, and expeditiously back up and running.  Instead of an expensive internal copper or stainless steel heat exchanger coil, WPI utilizes an external plate & frame heat exchanger.  If there is a problem with copper or stainless internal heat exchanger coils, typically they require replacement.  It is difficult to service them because they are inside the cooling tower, and the diameter of the coils are so small, a simple clog could be fatal to the coil.  WPI's external plate & frame heat exchanger is easily taken apart for cleaning or servicing, and put back together.  Additionally, Whaley typically designs the heat exchangers with the ability to add more plates in the future, so this would allow room for simplified capacity expansion in the event the application's heat load increases.  Also, given the fact that all of WPI's internal cooling tower components are CTI Certified plastics and stainless steel.  A flushable external inline strainer is used to allow proper filtration of the cooling tower loop, and also provide a simple means for taking apart, cleaning, and/or replacing the screens.  Most customers like to keep a spare screen available, so when you are cleaning a primary screen, you can put your secondary screen in and keep the process running.  Another option available is an electric automatic strainer flush timer, or a pressure transducer based electric automatic strainer flush.

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