Cooling Tower Pump Tank Systems

Cooling Tower Pump Tank Systems

 The T-Series pump tank system is designed to work with WPI's WP-Series FRP cooling tower systems. However, the T-Series product line is highly customizable, and can be form-fitted to work with virtually any cooling tower. In most cases, a cooling tower (WP-Series or other) is elevated either on the roof, or beside the building on sub-structural steel. The cooling tower drains to the T-Series pump tank system. This allows customers to utilize larger volume tanks to incorporate additional temperature buffer in their system design.

 T-Series pump tank systems can also be used in combination with Whaley's closed loop cooling tower systems as well. Additionally, WPI's cooling tower pump tanks can be designed for indoor or outdoor use. Typically insulation is not used on cooling tower pump tanks systems, but in some circumstances, insulation is utilized due to harsh outdoor site conditions.

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