20 Ton Cooling Tower Systems

20 ton cooling tower

20 Ton Cooling Tower Systems

20 Ton Cooling Tower with options: elevation, pump, tank, and heat transfer configurations for efficient removal of industrial heat.  Cool your industrial process or application with an efficient cooling tower from Whaley Products, Inc.  Whaley cooling towers can be customized for most applications, including potable applications, anodizing, and hydraulics.  Contact a Whaley sales engineer to determine which system meets your heat removal needs and get a quote today.

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20 Ton Cooling Tower Options


Thermal Wells

Strainers & Filtration

Variable Frequency Drives

Basin Heaters

Electrical Disconnects

Extra Fittings



Elevation Packages

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15 Ton Cooling Towers for Industrial Applications

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At Whaley Products, Inc. we manufacture quality industrial cooling tower systems for a wide range of processes and applications.  A commitment to precision engineering and innovative design have made Whaley Chillers the choice of Industry Leaders.

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