About Whaley Products, Inc.

About Whaley Products, Inc.

Industrial Cooling & Chilling Solutions

Whaley Products, Incorporated (WPI) was formed in 1993 by Glenn Whaley. WPI began by producing industrial process cooling equipment for the plastics industry. As time passed, WPI gained experience in many different types of industries and applications in which its process cooling systems could be used. WPI continued to develop flexible, diverse, standard product lines to serve these industries for more than 25 years. Combining great employees, a strict quality and service based corporate philosophy, and exceptional products, WPI has established itself as one of the key manufacturers in process cooling systems and equipment. Whaley Products, Incorporated is a Texas Corporation. Its operations are spread across a total of 2 properties (1each in Burkburnett, TX, and 1each in McKinney, TX). Being centrally located on the North American Continent has enhanced WPI's ability to provide its clients with quality equipment and exceptional job site arrival times.

Whaley Through the Years

  • Whaley Products, Inc. Manufacturer of Fine Chillers


    Whaley Products, Inc. was founded by Glenn Whaley.  At that time, it consisted of a 1,250 sq ft shop beside Glenn's home.

  • Whaley Products, Inc. Chiller Manufacturer


    Built-to-order chillers and pumping systems becomes the primary focus of the Whaley Product line.

  • Compa Chill air-cooled chillers


    Whaley Standard Compa-Chill air-cooled and water-cooled chiller lines are introduced.

  • Whaley Cooling Tower


    Whaley Products, Inc. expands manufactured product offerings with open and closed loop cooling tower systems.

Trusted By These Companies

  • Whaley Products, Inc. Process Cooling

    Early 1999

    Whaley Products, Inc. purchases new 24-acre property with 9,000 ft2 of existing production space, to prepare for future growth.

  • Whaley Products, Inc. First Website

    September 2000

  • R-410A air-cooled chillers

    January 2010

    SA, SAE, SAR, SAP-Series units emerge during transition from R-22 refrigerant to R-410A refrigerant systems.

  • Whaley Products, Inc. Manufacturing Expansion

    October 2010

    Whaley expands with new 10,000 ft2 building addition to make room for increased production, to bring total manufacturing space to 19,000 ft2.

And more recently...

  • water-cooled process chiller


    SW and SWE Series Water-Cooled Packaged and Modular Chillers Introduced to the Market

  • Whale Soft chiller system testing

    Fall 2015 / Spring 2016

    Whaley designs and invests an estimated $100,000 in new state of the art Whale-Soft™ Testing System to allow all equipment manufactured by WPI to undergo thorough testing and diagnostics prior to leaving the plant.

  • Whaley Products, Inc. Manufacturing

    March 2019

    WPI expands with additional 10,000 ft2 building space to make room for increased production, bringing total manufacturing space to 29,000 ft2.