Split Air-cooled Chillers

Split Air-Cooled Chillers

Split Air-Cooled Chillers, the SAR-Series manufactured by Whaley Products, Inc., have two components, one installed inside and one installed outside. This system is best suited for customers in low ambient environments that require running just straight water for the process fluid and the heat from the condenser needs to be dissipated outdoors. Frequently multiple SAR-Series units are selected in conjunction with a C-Series heat transfer pump tank system to provide high redundancy for critical heat load applications. The SAR-Series systems are typically purchased initially with a single air-cooled condenser with a heat transfer pump tank to start with. With the initial setup, WPI can size the heat transfer pump tank system for unlimited capacity. One of the benefits of the SAR-Series is its redundancy. By using multiple condensers, it gives the high redundancy you need for critical heat load applications that cannot have any downtime. With the initial setup, WPI can size the heat transfer pump tank system for unlimited capacity. This system can be used for any heat load applications due to having no restrictions on capacity. The heat transfer pump tank system’s reservoir can be sized for whatever your desired volume is which gives you more temperature stability as well as the ability to “store btu/hr” to help minimize chiller size. The SAR-Series coupled with the C-Series Heat Transfer Pump Tank System also allows for multiple configurations and flexible design. WPI can provide but are not limited to redundant pumps, variable frequency drives, different tank materials, different plumbing materials (including those for food applications), and many more.

Split indoor outdoor air-cooled chiller
Heat Transfer Pump Tank Skid

Split Air-Cooled Chillers

Split air-cooled chillers are made up of 2 main components. The first component is an air-cooled condenser unit, which is typically installed outdoors in order to dissipate the heat to the atmosphere. The second component is the Heat Transfer Pump Tank Skid, which is typically installed indoors. The Heat Transfer Pump Tank Skid contains evaporator(s), refrigerant liquid and suction line components, water/glycol reservoir, and pumps. One pump (chiller circulation pump) circulates the chiller’s evaporator to keep the chiller system’s reservoir tank at the target set point temperature. The other pump (process supply pump) pulls out of the chiller’s internal reservoir, circulates to your downstream application, and returns back to the chiller’s internal reservoir.

Available Models

Use this chart to browse our split air-cooled chillers by capacity.
Unit capacities have been illustrated at various hypothetical site conditions. Our Sales Engineers are available to assist in choosing the right system for your application and answer any questions you may have. * Performance Illustrated at Hypothetical Conditions of 95F Ambient, 50% Propylene Glycol, Up to 2000 Feet Elevation, 60Hz Power. ** Performance Illustrated at Standard Site Conditions of 95F Ambient, 0% Glycol, Up to 2000 Feet Elevation, 60Hz Power. *** Performance Illustrated at Hypothetical Conditions of 95F Ambient, 0% Propylene Glycol, Up to 2000 Feet Elevation, 60Hz Power.

Base ModelNominal Capacity (tons)*Capacity (BTU/hr) Illustrated @ 25F/-3.9C**Capacity (BTU/hr) Illustrated @ 50F/10C***Capacity (BTU/hr) Illustrated @ 65F/18.3CRefrigeration CircuitsInlet/Outlet FNPT (in)Flow Rate (gpm)Tank (gal)HTPTS Indoor Unit Dimensions (in) L x W x HACCU Outdoor Unit Weight (lbs)ACCU Outdoor Unit Dimensions (in) L x W x H
SAR1.51.58,85618,00022,42811.01230, 60 or 10042 x 36 x 6040025 x 25 x 26
SAR2211,80824,00029,90411.01230, 60 or 10042 x 36 x 6040025 x 25 x 26
SAR3317,71236,00044,85611.01230, 60 or 10042 x 36 x 6040025 x 25 x 30
SAR4423,61648,00059,80811.01230, 60 or 10042 x 36 x 6045029 x 29 x 34
SAR5529,52060,00074,76011.01230, 60 or 10048 x 40 x 6045029 x 29 x 30
SAR6DS635,42472,00098,71211.014.430, 40 or 10060 x 40 x 60700
SAR7.5DS7.544,28090,000112,14011.01840 or 10060 x 40 x 60700
SAR10DS1059,040120,000149,52011.02440 or 10072 x 44 x 60900
SAR10D1059,040120,000149,52021.02440 or 10082 x 44 x 55950
SAR12.5D12.573,800150,000186,90021.030100 or 15082 x 44 x 551,050
SAR12.512.573,800150,000186,90011.253015060 x 58 x 681,000
SAR151588,560180,000224,28011.53615098 x 43 x 581,650
SAR2020118,080240,000299,04011.54820098 x 68 x 571,800
SAR15D1588,560180,000224,28021.036100 or 15089 x 80 x 551,800
SAR20D20118,080240,000299,04021.048100 or 20089 x 80 x 551,800
SAR2525147,600300,000373,80012.060250102 x 60 x 672,018
SAR3030177,120360,000448,56012.072305102 x 60 x 792,194
SAR4040236,160480,000598,08012.096500108 x 89 x 792,772
SAR5050295,200600,000747,60012.0120500108 x 89 x 792,790
SAR25D25147,600300,000373,80021.2560150 or 250102 x 60 x 672,048
SAR30D30177,120360,000448,56021.572150, 210 or 305102 x 60 x 792,217
SAR40D40236,160480,000598,08021.596210, 330 or 500108 x 89 x 792,928
SAR50D50295,200600,000747,60022.0120210, 330 or 500108 x 89 x 792,976
SAR60D60354,240720,000897,12022.0144330 or 750108 x 89 x 793,097
SAR70D70413,280840,0001,046,64022.0168750111 x 102 x 792,712
SAR80D80472,320960,0001,196,16022.0192750152 x 89 x 732,873
SAR90D90531,3601,080,0001,345,68022.0216750152 x 89 x 733,132
SAR100D100590,4001,200,0001,495,20022.02401,000152 x 89 x 734,001
SAR115D115678,9601,380,0001,719,48023.02761,000192 x 89 x 793,684
SAR130D130767,5201,560,0001,943,76023.03121,000192 x 89 x 793,870

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