Cooling Tower Two-Skid System 04

Open Loop Cooling Tower Two Skid System

The Cooling Tower Two-Skid 04 manufactured by Whaley Products, Inc. is a two-skid packaged open loop cooling tower system available in 10 to 750 tons. This system comes with a tower installed on a subframe with a separate skidded cooling tower circulation pump, strainer, electrical disconnect, and control panel. Included in the controls are on/off switches for the pump and tower fan(s). It also includes a digital temperature controller which cycles the tower fan based on tower basin temperature. This configuration is beneficial for customers who need a packaged solution that includes everything they need to circulate their process. It also is frequently used for applications where there are unique dimensional challenges in the area the cooling tower is to be installed.

Cooling Tower Two-Skid 04 Packaged System
Cooling Tower Two-Skid 04 Open Loop System
Cooling Tower Two-Skid 04 Filtration

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Cooling Tower Two-Skid 04 up to 750 tons

Cooling Tower Two-Skid 04 Packaged Open Loop System

This complete system is made up of an Evaporative Open Loop Induced Draft Cooling Tower Module and a Pump-Strainer-Controls Skid. The cooling tower module is factory mounted on an epoxy coated steel frame with fork slots and lifting eyes. The Pump-Strainer-Controls Skid includes a cooling tower circulation/supply pump that will pull from the tower’s lower water basin, circulate the down-stream application, and return to the cooling tower. Additionally, a full flow flushable stainless-steel strainer is included to strain the cooling tower water prior to going to the down-stream application. Also included are the controls to run the pump and tower fan.

Cooling Tower Two-Skid

Available Cooling Tower Two-Skid 04 Models

Use this chart to browse our Packaged Open Loop Cooling Tower Two-Skid 04 models. Unit capacities have been illustrated at various hypothetical site conditions.
Our Sales Engineers are available to assist in choosing the right system for your application and answer any questions you may have. * Performance Illustrated at Hypothetical Conditions of 95F Ambient, 50% Propylene Glycol, Up to 2000 Feet Elevation, 60Hz Power. ** Performance Illustrated at Standard Site Conditions of 95F Ambient, 0% Glycol, Up to 2000 Feet Elevation, 60Hz Power. *** Performance Illustrated at Hypothetical Conditions of 95F Ambient, 0% Propylene Glycol, Up to 2000 Feet Elevation, 60Hz Power. Contact a Whaley sales engineer to obtain performance ratings at your specific site conditions.

ModelNominal Capacity (tons)Nominal Capacity
Nominal Capacity (kW)Air Flow (CFM)Flow Rate (GPM)Water Usage Rate (GPM)Sub-Frame INElevation PKGCTSP (HP) @34.6psiStrainer Size (in)Inlet/Outlet (in)Flush Port (in)Control PanelFan Motor (HP)
WPS650-10 10150,00043.883000300.3YESNO1.5221.5YES0.50
WPS650-15 15225,00065.813250450.45YESNO1.5221.5YES0.50
WPS850-20 20300,00087.756000600.6YESNO3221.5YES0.75
WPS850-25 25375,000109.696500750.75YESNO3221.5YES0.75
WPS1250-30 30450,000131.6311300900.9YESNO3221.5YES2.00
WPS1250-40 40600,000175.50120001201.2YESNO5331.5YES2.00
WPS1550-50 50750,000219.38150001501.5YESNO5331.5YES3.00
WPS1550-60 60900,000263.25162501801.8YESNO5331.5YES3.00
WPS1550-75 751,125,000329.06175002252.25YESNO7.5331.5YES3.00
WPS1850-100 1001,500,000438.75205003003YESNO10441.5YES5.00
WPS1850-125 1251,875,000548.40227003753.75YESNO10441.5YES5.00
WPS2-1550-150 1502,250,000658.13350004504.5YESNO15331.5YES2ea 3.00
WPS2-1850-200 2003,000,000877.50410006006YESNO20441.5YES2ea 5.00
WPS2-1850-2502503,750,0001,096.88454007507.5YESNO25661.5YES2ea 5.00
WPS3-1850-300 3004,500,0001,316.25615009009YESNO25661.5YES3ea 5.00
WPS3-1850-375 3755,625,0001,645.3068100112511.25YESNO40441.5YES3ea 5.00
WP4-1850-400 4006,000,0001,755.0082000120012YESNO40441.5YES4ea 5.00
WP4-1850-500 5007,500,0002,193.7590800150015YESNO40441.5YES4ea 5.00
WP5-1850-625 6259,375,0002,742.19113500187518.75YESNO50441.5YES5ea 5.00
WP6-1850-750 75011,250,0003,290.63136200225022.5YESNO60441.5YES6ea 5.00

Standard Features



Thermal Wells

Strainers & Filtration

Variable Frequency Drives

Basin Heaters

Electrical Disconnects

Extra Fittings



Elevation Packages

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Cooling Tower Two-Skid System 04
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