Heat Transfer Systems

Heat Transfer Systems

Heat transfer systems manufactured by Whaley are engineered for a variety of industrial heat removal applications and processes. In many cases, heat transfer systems are used to isolate one process circulation loop from another. A heat exchanger isolates two loops and allows the transfer of heat to occur between a primary and secondary loop. Heat exchangers are available in standard industrial grade materials. Additionally, heat exchanger materials and construction can be engineered for food process cooling or heating applications. For food-grade applications, typically a guarantee from Whaley is issued to confirm that cross contamination between primary and secondary loops will never occur as a result of improper system design. Varied levels of temperature control precision are available dependent on the application requirements. Process controls are also available to allow control variables of pressure, flow, tank level, glycol concentration, among others.

Heat Transfer Systems

Heat Transfer Systems by Whaley may incorporate the following:

Standard Tanks Jacketed Tanks Weld-on or Clamp-on Tank Jackets Pumps Heat Exchangers Evaporators Condenser Coils Submersible Cooling Coils Submersible Heating Coils Probe/Plug Type Heaters Electronic Mixing Valves (2-way & 3-way) Custom Monitoring and Controls Insulation Insulation Covering for Outdoor Installation

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Heat Transfer Systems
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Heat Transfer Systems