Water-cooled Chillers

Water-Cooled Chiller Industrial Units

Water-cooled Chillers

Water-Cooled Chillers

Water-cooled chillers are the most efficient and effective way to remove the heat load from a variety of industrial process. Whaley Products Inc. (WPI) manufactures high performance water-cooled chillers for the industrial OEM, distributor and contractor markets. Our water-cooled chillers are used by the chemical processing, food and beverage processing, metal manufacturing and machining, agricultural, HVAC, medical device, laboratory, and pool industries to provide reliable, high quality cooling. WPI offers precision-engineered solutions to meet your specific application, whether you need a standard chiller, custom options, or a completely custom-designed chiller. Our experienced staff will work with you to design an innovative solution for your equipment and manufacturing challenges. WPI’s experienced staff can design a custom chiller, if needed, to meet your application.

Water-Cooled Chillers Packaged

This unit's evaporator side is set up with internal reservoir and pumps. One pump (chiller circulation pump) circulates the chiller's evaporator to keep the chiller's internal tank at the target set point temperature. The other pump (process supply pump) pulls out of the chiller’s internal reservoir, circulates to your downstream application, and returns back to the chiller's internal reservoir.


Water-cooled chillers that are fully customizable with a wide variety of options and upgrades.

Heat Removal Capacity

Water-Cooled Chillers in 1.5 ton through 80 ton units

Heat Removal

1.5 ton to 130 ton


Fully customizable with a wide variety of options and upgrades

Built with the Future in Mind

For the modular water-cooled chiller, an evaporator circulation loop is required to circulate the evaporator side of this system. No pump or reservoir is provided for the evaporator side circulation. Whaley can provide a separate quote for a packaged water-cooled chiller with integral pumps/reservoir for the evaporator side circulation and process application circulation, if needed.

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At Whaley Products, Inc. we manufacture quality industrial water-cooled chiller systems for a wide range of processes and applications.  A commitment to precision engineering and innovative design have made Whaley Chillers the choice of Industry Leaders.

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Our engineering team makes sure your custom chiller design is thoroughly analyzed and rendered for your approval so that you can see all your industrial cooling equipment with tanks, pumps, evaporator, etc. and its configuration before it’s produced.


Every installation site is unique, so your cooling system design should be, too. We don’t try to squeeze you into a “one size fits all” chiller package – our sales engineers ask the right questions, do the calculations, and make sure your cooling design is done right the first time.


Whaley Products, Inc. knows that manufacturing quality air-cooled, water-cooled and cooling tower equipment along with providing excellent service right here in the USA is the best way to take care of our customers. Only systems that pass the WHALE-SOFT™ test environment are securely crated and shipped out.