Air-Cooled Chillers

Air-Cooled Chiller Industrial Units

Air-Cooled Chillers

Air-Cooled Chillers

Air-Cooled Chillers remove heat from a variety of applications and processes then dissipate the heat into the atmosphere. Whaley Products, Inc. has been supplying reliable high-performance air-cooled chillers for more than 25 years. Successful cooling of your process or application starts with our sales engineers. They handle a wide variety of applications and have Whaley’s extensive product line along with smart options to design a custom air-cooled chilling system tailored to your needs. Air-cooled systems tend to be ideal for outdoor or split installations, easy installation procedures, low water usage, no mechanical room requirement, and low maintenance costs. Highlights of our air-cooled chiller systems are NEMA-4 control panels, Copeland scroll compressors, high efficiency R-410A refrigerant, insulated evaporators and tanks, and high-quality manufacturing that is thoroughly tested before leaving the Whaley manufacturing facility.

Packaged Chillers

Single condenser, internal reservoir, chiller circulation pump and process supply pump

Heat Removal Capacity

1.5 tons through 60 ton units


Fully customizable with a wide variety of options and upgrades

Rack-Style Chillers

Multiple condensers, internal reservoir, chiller circulation pump and process supply pump


Fully customizable with a wide variety of options and upgrades

Heat Removal Capacity

3 ton through 120 ton units

Built with the Future in Mind

Air-Cooled Chillers are complex systems. We are are here to help. Ask us how we can make growing your chilling capacity easier using our modular system. As your application or process grows and expands, so will your chilling needs. Find out how we can make future expansions easier and faster.

Heat Removal

1.5 ton to 130 ton

Split System Capacities

1.5 tons to 130 tons

Advantages of Split Systems

This system is made up of 2 main components. The first component is an Air-Cooled Condenser Unit, which is typically installed outdoors in order to dissipate the heat to the atmosphere. The second component is the Heat Transfer Pump Tank Skid, which is typically installed indoors.

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Air-Cooled Chillers

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At Whaley Products, Inc. we manufacture Air- Cooled Chillers with quality for a wide range of processes and applications.  A commitment to precision engineering and innovative design have made Whaley Chillers the choice of Industry Leaders.

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Our engineering team makes sure your custom chiller design is thoroughly analyzed and rendered for your approval so that you can see all your industrial cooling equipment with tanks, pumps, evaporator, etc. and its configuration before it’s produced.


Every installation site is unique, so your cooling system design should be, too. We don’t try to squeeze you into a “one size fits all” chiller package – our sales engineers ask the right questions, do the calculations, and make sure your cooling design is done right the first time.


Whaley Products, Inc. knows that manufacturing quality air-cooled, water-cooled and cooling tower equipment along with providing excellent service right here in the USA is the best way to take care of our customers. Only systems that pass the WHALE-SOFT™ test environment are securely crated and shipped out.