Closed Loop Cooling Towers

Closed Loop Cooling Towers

Closed Loop Cooling Towers made by Whaley Products, Inc. are the choice of industry leaders to provide dependable cooling of potable applications and processes. Whaley cooling towers are built with longevity and dependability in mind from the top mounted direct drive fans down to the bottom or side outlets. Whaley pairs our sales engineering team’s attention to detail with quality American made products to ensure each tower design will meet the requirements of your heat removal needs. For other cooling solutions, see our open loop cooling towers.

Closed open loop cooling towers
Cooling Tower with Sub-Frame Open Loop
Cooling Towers Evaporator
10 ton Cooling Towers Industrial

Closed Loop Cooling Towers

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At Whaley Products, Inc. we manufacture quality industrial Open Loop Cooling Tower systems for a wide range of processes and applications.  A commitment to precision engineering and innovative design have made Whaley Chillers the choice of Industry Leaders.

Open Loop Cooling Towers
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