Pump Tank Systems

Pump Tank Systems

Pump Tank Systems are a diverse category of equipment involving single or multi-skid configurations of tanks, pumps, and controls. These skidded systems can be designed with or without reservoirs. Virtually any material of construction is available for the tank walls including polyethylene, polypropylene, carbon steel, 304 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel, and 316L stainless steel are just some of the materials available. Pump tank systems can be selected in conjunction with an air-cooled or water-cooled chiller or cooling tower system. Depending on the tank volume and pump configuration, a separate pump station may be designed in lieu of a single-skid pump tank system. Reservoirs can be configured with or without internal baffles. Duplex backup and center-swing backup pump options are available to allow streamlined redundancy of pump motors to reduce down-time.

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Packaged Water-cooled Chillers
Pump Tank with Swing Pumps and Filtration
Pump Tank Systems

C-Series Pump Tank System

The C-Series pump tank system could quite possibly be one of Whaley's most diverse product lines. Once a tank volume is selected for a project, WPI has several options to choose from with regard to standard steel sub-frames. Larger standard sub-frames can be utilized if additional components need to be factory mounted or field mounted on the pump tank system skid. Tank materials can be high density polyethylene (HDPE), rotomolded polypropylene, fiberglass, and metallic tanks. Tank construction can be either cylindrical(round), or rectangular.

Pump Skid Systems

P-Series Pump Stations

P-Series pump stations can be used to circulate process fluids through a chilled loop, cooling tower loop, heating loop, and test loops. WPI has years of experience selecting proper pumps for the most rigorous industrial installation applications. Material compatibility, temperature rating, and circulating fluid properties are some of the many factors that go into WPI's sales and engineering team selecting appropriate pumps for a project. Similar to other Whaley pump and tank systems, many customizations are available. There is virtually nothing WPI cannot do when it comes to customizing pump skids to meet application needs.

Stainless Steel Pump Tank System

S-Series Stainless Tank Systems

S-Series are typically used with Whaley's chiller or cooling tower systems. Stainless tank walls can be fabricated with 304, 316, 316L, or other forms of materials. A down-grade to carbon steel walls is available for applications where stainless steel is not a necessity. In these cases, water quality or other proposed tank fluid quality is addressed during the engineering phase of an S-Series pump tank system project to confirm what wall material composition is required for adequate protection against corrosion.

Pump Tank Systems for Towers

T-Series Cooling Tower Pump Tank System

The T-Series pump tank system is designed to work with WPI's WP-Series FRP cooling tower systems. However, the T-Series product line is highly customizable, and can be form-fitted to work with virtually any cooling tower. In most cases, a cooling tower (WP-Series or other) is elevated either on the roof, or beside the building on sub-structural steel. The cooling tower drains to the T-Series pump tank system. This allows customers to utilize larger volume tanks to incorporate additional temperature buffer in their system design. T-Series pump tank systems can also be used in combination with Whaley's closed loop cooling tower systems as well. Additionally, WPI's cooling tower pump tanks can be designed for indoor or outdoor use. Typically insulation is not used on cooling tower pump tanks systems, but in some circumstances, insulation is utilized due to harsh outdoor site conditions.

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Pump Tank System
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Pump Tank Systems